Downtown Doral has grown into a magnificent modern area with two major towers, single family homes, town homes and a selection of great restaurants and shops. Due to this growth OPTIMAR First International Realty agents were invited to experience the lifestyle that Downtown Doral has to offer it’s residences. Agents were picked up in a limousine bus and greeted in the Downtown Doral Sales Center by Sales Executives Christianne Leon and Margot Hart. The duo provided industry information about the growing and developing area and it’s impact on the community. They proceeded to tour the agents inside the newest addition to Downtown Doral, 5252 Paseo and 5350 Park. Following was a walk through the main area where the agents were treated to a delicious selection of dishes in Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market.

    For more information about the area and it’s residences click on the following links: 5252 Paseo and 5350 Park.