Yuri Fridman

Broker Sales Associate
Languages: English, Russian Hungarian, Ukrainian

When people I meet the first time ask me where I am from, I say: My family lived in five countries and we never moved!
It is actually a sliver of land in Europe, called Carpathian Ruthenia located on the border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
When my grandparents lived there, they were citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Empire(1867-1918), my parents were citizens of Czechoslovakia(1918-1939) and then Hungary(1939-1945). In 1946 the area was ceded to the Soviet Union, and since 1991 it is part of Ukraine!
Growing up in such a multicultural and diverse environment taught me to respect and get along with people of all backgrounds and walks of life. It offered me a great opportunity to learn languages, literature, art, music and culinary tastes of a true “melting pot“. Thus the languages I speak: Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Rutheanian and English. I am hoping to add Spanish and Portuguese to the list.
These lifelong lessons have helped me in my daily encounters with my clients and customers, my colleagues, as well as real estate investors.

I UNDERSTAND very well cultural differences when conducting business.
I LISTEN and provide personalized service.
I pay ATTENTION to my clients’ needs, desires and requirements.
Their priorities are MY PRIORITIES.

Over 10 years of experience of working as a licensed Realtor in New York, and now here in South Florida, taught me that my relationship with my clients does not end with the completion of a transaction. I stay in touch and I am always available to assist as they settle in their new home, and possibly new city and new country. Through the years I have developed long lasting relationships with my clients, their relatives, children, and the friends they have referred to me. As their lifestyles and needs change, they call asking for advice regarding the sale of a current property, downsizing/upsizing, moving to another state/country, investing, or buying a second home.
Being a licensed Realtor in two states, New York and Florida, and my association with a worldwide network of independent real estate agents, enable me to provide the best possible service to all my clients.