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24May 2017

Downtown Doral has grown into a magnificent modern area with two major towers, single family homes, town homes and a selection of great restaurants and shops. Due to this growth OPTIMAR First International Realty agents were invited to experience the lifestyle that Downtown Doral has to offer it’s residences. Agents were picked up in a limousine bus and greeted in the Downtown Doral Sales Center by Sales Executives Christianne Leon and Margot Hart. The duo provided industry information about the growing and developing area and it’s impact on the community. They proceeded to tour the agents inside the newest addition to Downtown Doral, 5252 Paseo and 5350 Park. Following was a walk through the main area where the agents were treated to a delicious selection of dishes in Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market.

For more information about the area and it’s residences click on the following links: 5252 Paseo and 5350 Park.


07Mar 2017

This year OPTIMAR hosted it’s Annual Award Ceremony in Hyde Resort and Residences located on the coast of Hollywood Beach. The event was a Black Tie Sunset Gala which was surrounded by spectacular views from the Hotel’s amenities deck. Congratulations to all of the award winners for 2016!

View the entire event here

Platinum Associates
Isabel Cortes
Karina Andrea Sobrino PA
Alvaro Minor PA
Alexander Pludwinski, P.A.
Albert Benalloun
Beata Hill
Luiza Weisberg PA
Leon Weinschneider
Julio Clavijo
Oswaldo Vega P.A
Jorge Cevallos P.A
Debora Pludwinski, P.A.
Sharon Bachar P.A
Livio Bellomare
Graciela Colombo PA

Gold Associates
Victor Persia
Daniel Anysz
Valentina Demare PA
Juana Llerena
Andres Abadi PA
Ramon Borroto
Osvaldo Cesar, PA
Bentley Smirnoff P.A
Pola Berggrun LLC
Marta Oitana P.A
Sadia Chocron
Marina Luengo PA
Evan Feig PA
Jose Valiente
Alberto Holcman PA
Mariela Iozzolino-Bonomi
Michelle Small

Silver Associates
Rosa Ainslie PA
Martin Verdi PA
De Ann Patterson
Rosa Poler PA
Tuni Singh – Fortuni LLC
Dagmara Nowicki PA
Ina Estrina-Kliger
Norma Fabri PA
Phillip Sosa
Gabriela Pastor PA
Patrick Juffe
Daphne Decarvalho
Miriam Ramirez
Tatiana Silva
Dylan Vega
J Paul Lash LLC
Asmaa El Kouhen
Miriam Poletto
Mary Cain P.A
Mariana Serbanescu
Pedro Acosta
Pilar Lecha PA
Ines Gomez-Acebo P.A.
Anderson Martins
Margarita Franco


05Mar 2017

Costa Hollywood is a pre-construction project located in the heart of Hollywood Beach. In addition to it’s expansive coast line it also offers it’s residents an iconic shopping experience. An experience that OPTIMAR First International Realty associates were able to tour in the midst of it’s development.  OPTIMAR visited the project sales center and were greeted by Sales Executive Yesscia Lopez and Sales Director Fernando Valdivieso. Upon arrival they were informed about Costa Hollywoods best features and most up to date sales info. After the presentation, Yessica guided the OPTIMAR sales team through a detailed tour of the entire construction site. This tour allowed the agents to preview the gorgeous views from multiple units including the extensive amenities deck.

To learn more about Costa Hollywood Click Here

28Feb 2017

Turnberry Ocean Club residences will soar at 54 stories high. Located in Sunny Isles it’ll be a luxury building preceding the brand reputation. Currently a pre-construction project with a glamorous sales center. OPTIMAR First International Realty agents were recently invited for a private tour.  Monica Gorban and Arno De Vos, Sales Executives of Turnberry Ocean Club Residences hosted the tour. They both presented and educated the OPTIMAR associates with everything they wanted to know about the project. Following the presentation there was a well attended lunch, which depicted  the Turnberry lifestyle for the everyone to experience.

Click Here to learn more about Turnberry Ocean Club Residences.

23Jan 2017

Hyde Beach House located in Hollywood Beach Florida, is one of Hyde’s most recent and exclusive projects in South Florida, so naturally OPTIMAR First International Realty agents were invited to a special presentation at the spectacular Hyde Beach House Sales Center. Upon arrival agents were greeted by in House Sales Executive, Enrique Chavier and treated to freshly made capuccinos and a buffet style lunch  with a wide selection of salad, wraps, sandwiches and baked goods. Once settled, Enrique began his presentation which consisted of the most up to date information and all of the behind the scenes knowledge about Hyde Beach House.

For more information on Hyde Beach House Click here