Grand Avenue is one of the most significant corridors in the Historic Village of Coconut Grove. It begins on South Dixie Highway and heads east to McFarlane, where some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment are located.


    Grand Avenue traverses the West Grove, which is also known as Village West. This very distinctive neighborhood was founded by Bahamians and has a long-established and proud history.


    The time is now ripe for a major transition of Grand Avenue. Some refer to it as “gentrification,” while others feel it is inevitable, market-driven progress on which we can build a renaissance without displacing long-time residents.


    Properties that have been kept in their original state, and buildings that have received minimum repair, are now more desirable than ever.


    Recently, six properties were purchased by B & B Grove Properties LLC. The hope is that the new owner will appreciate the existing community and bring a new vitality of commerce, entertainment, and people to help improve the quality of life for all. It is also crucial that accommodations are made for long-time residents to have the opportunity to remain a part of the Coconut Grove community by providing affordable and workforce living facilities.